Our Story

School Shark came to be because of three friends who had a vision of becoming successful entrepreneurs, while also providing a service that is beneficial to the community. The three of us met the first week of college and became friends shortly after. Our friendship was based on our shared faith, baseball, and our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. We spent hours brainstorming in the cafeteria of a solution to some sort of problem in our community. We were all on the same page that we were your typical "broke college students".  We wanted to provide services to students to help save money, and then we came up with the idea of School Shark. From there we worked on creating a business model so that we could effectively provide this service to as many students as possible. Through hard work and vigorous amounts of student feedback and research, we launched School Shark!


What We Do

School Shark LLC has three goals as a company. The first is to save you money on your textbooks. The second is to make you more money on your textbooks. And the third is to make that process as easy as possible! If we can do those three things for our customers, we are happy!


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