"Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart as deputies chase him with a taser"

Florida Man Chronicles

Some days there just isn't a whole lot of news or topics to write about. So when that happens, a staple has always been to just type in "Florida man" into the 'ole google search and see what happened that at this point is normal in Florida today.

August 9th Google search:

School Shark Blog "Florida Man Chronicles"

"Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart as deputies chase him with a taser"



I want to say that I have become used to these headlines, but after doing this search for weeks it never ceases to amaze me the things that these Florida men get themselves into.

The beauty of this headline is that there are three parts to this story to address.

"Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart"

The first thing that comes to mind here is the opening scene in Billy Madison when he's driving around his estate in his golf cart:

The main question I have is where the golf cart came from? Did he finish 18 holes and notice there was a Walmart close by and REALLY needed to get Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty version of a Chia pet?

(Yep, they sell them)

Heres the link if you feel so compelled

Regardless, he must have been in need of something, or he was on something, or a combination of the two.

"As deputies chase him"

Ah, the life of a deputy in Florida. 

I wonder if they have become numb to this type of stuff. I'm sure the sheriffs want nothing to do with the daily "Florida man" shenanigans so they leave it for the deputies to deal with it. Maybe that's not how law enforcement works. But I'm assuming that this isn't what they signed up for. Although there might be that ONE guy that LIVES for this.

"With a taser" 

Yep. Someone lives for this. And it's 1000% the girl with a taser.

 Florida man blog

My question is, those deputies were right on this guys tail coming into Walmart, how long were they chasing him? Was this the tail end of a multi-store chase that we, unfortunately, don't have coverage on? 

**UPDATE** I actually read the article and what actually happened is better than any of those possibilities. 

This guy reportedly was blocking the liquor store entrance, refusing to leave and demanding to speak with a manager.

What he needed to speak to them about and why he showed up in a golf cart is beyond me, but the important part is that they got him and he's in custody.


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