Florida Man Chronicles (08/29/2019)

Florida man who "reeked of alcohol" was arrested last weekend after allegedly harassing a Michael Jackson impersonator outside a nightclub in Dunedin

Ahhh here we go again. The Florida man chronicles continue. Everytime you think you have heard it all, the Florida man continues to surprise us.

These blogs are not meant to be long or anything because there isn't much that needs to be said. These are simply to keep you updated. I'm not here to try to come up with hilarious commentary on these because the headlines speak for themselves.

My question is, what did this impersonator do to this guy to spark his rage? Was this impersonator acting inappropriately? Did this guy have bad memories associated with MJ's music? Did his cover of "I want you back" to his ex-girlfriend not work and now he has an eternal hatred toward the man?

Again, the world will never know. All we do know is that the dude is either a liar, or is using a booze scented cologne.

Deputies say he, “even stated he had not been drinking alcohol at all this night, even though he reeked of alcohol and his speech was slurred and mumbled.”

What do you think spurred his rage? 

Comment below if you feel so compelled. Although considering we are still in our early phases of blogging, the odds we get a considerable amount of comments is unlikely. But if you want to be the person that makes my day, please do so.

Until next time.

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