You got to your dorm first huh...

So you got to the dorm room first huh?

This will be a quick read, but it's important.

I think this may be one of the most important parts of the entire move in process that not enough people value and take advantage of. 

Think about it, you have the freedom to set the tone for the entire year! There are so many little things that the average person may not pick up on that someone who knows what to do can do to make their set up so much better than their roommates without them even knowing it. Here is another checklist to help you make sure that you address all of your opportunities before your roommate gets there.

#1 Pick Your Furniture

Go through all of the furniture and claim the nicer ones as yours. The last thing you want is to be finally thinking that you and your roommate are going to be best friends and then have your bed collapse halfway through the semester.



Was it the faulty bed frame? Or was it the freshman 15? The world may never know.

The other stuff? Move it out of the way for now, we will get back to that later. 


#2 Find the Outlets

 Nothing is worse than having to deal with extension cords all around the dorm. There is going to be most likely 2-3 outlets, 2 of them will be conveniently located near each other, and the other will be buried in the corner of the room that has no practical way of putting anything anywhere. But hey, that's where extension cords come in ;)


#3 Get Your Bed in Best Position for the TV

This is huge, especially if you are someone who likes to do their homework in bed as well. Get the head of the bed pushed against the wall and put the TV in a way that you can see it. This allows you to have a backrest and able to comfortably sit up on your bed to watch movies or do homework. My freshman year I did this completely wrong, and then sophomore year I did it completely wrong too but this is the year I do it right. This stuff isn't theory folks, I have lived it, the good and the bad. And this year, I am turning the tables.




#4 Be a "Great Roommate" and Move the Rest of the Furniture in

This may be the most important part of the entire process. Because if you do all of the said things above and then leave your roommate no choice but to moves the furniture where it fits, they are not going to be happy. But if you "move it in for them", they will 1) appreciate that and 2) not recognize that the room is designed for you and that you just moved it in to help that not notice.




Now before you say that this is wrong, recognize that at the end of the day, the both of you are going to be smushed in the same tiny room and have to grind through it together anyway, so it's not like what you do is going to make your experience THAT much better than everyone else's. What this will do is make your dorm just a little less terrible and help you sleep at night knowing you maximized your living situation's potential and at least you aren't your roommate.















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  • Wish my dorm room had enough room for so many activities :(


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