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Welcome to the SCHOOL SHARK selling page!

To sell your textbook, please copy paste this template and send us an email at!

For your listing price, we recommend checking what your book is selling for and discount it to give both you and the buyer the best deal possible! We will review your price, if deemed un-competitive, we will make your price competitive and alert you if you wish to continue with that price.

The first line is what your book will be listed under, which includes the MAJOR AND CLASS it is used for, followed by the TITLE of the book (see below). This is so the buy can find the book that they are looking for as easy as possible!


Listing Title (E/M 110-Intro to Financial Accounting):



Selling Price:


Picture of front cover:

Phone number for contact and delivery instructions:

Venmo username: 

Paypal (If you do not have venmo):


Once you email the info, we will upload the book, and alert you within 24 hours when your book is sold. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ

**NOTE: All books sold are subject to a 25% transaction fee, this allows us to keep the site up and running :) **